Personalized Mindfulness at Work

logo-and-textFueled by decades of scientific research, companies such as Google, General Mills, and Aetna use mindfulness as a cost-effective way to boost employee health, happiness, productivity, time management, and positive communication – all while decreasing stress.

Nick’s personalized approach empowers clients to craft their own mindfulness exercises that are aligned with their unique learning styles and interests. That way, they are far more likely to consistently practice and garner its benefits. Drawing on over ten years of experience, Nick’s webinars, presentations, and one-on-one coaching have revitalized hundreds of clients. Some of Nick’s more popular topics that leverage the power of personalized mindfulness in the workplace include:

  • Self-Care and Stress Reduction: A Path to Improved Productivity
  • Positive Communication Skills Between and Among Employees, Staff, and Clients
  • Essential Time Management Techniques
  • If you don’t see the topic you want, Nick will customize one according to the specific needs of your company

Please see below for samples of Nick’s work:

The following articles and scientific research support the multiple benefits of mindfulness: 

  • The New York Times states that Aetna employees who undertook mindfulness training experienced “…a 28 percent reduction in their stress levels, a 20 percent improvement in sleep quality and a 19 percent reduction in pain…gaining an average of 62 minutes per week of productivity each, which Aetna estimates is worth $3,000 per employee per year.”
  • Science Magazine issued groundbreaking support for the connection between mindfulness and happiness.

Drawing on over ten years of experience, Nick Mosca empowers people to align mindfulness practices with their interests, reduce stress, and reclaim their lives. He holds a Master’s degree from Harvard University, where he studied mindfulness and won the Billings Prize for inspiring behavioral change through positive humor. He is an avid speaker and writer whose approach to mindfulness has been featured in The Atlantic and Psychology Today, as well as at WABC radio, Yale University, Squarespace, New York University, the Milken Scholars Program, mindSpark Learning, the HealthCare Chaplaincy Network, and the George Jackson Academy. He has also served as the Research Poster Chairman for the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor and is a member of the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD). Nick’s favorite ways to access mindfulness are through music, running, and painting.

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