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Stressed employees? Sagging office culture? Harness the power of personalized mindfulness! 

Before becoming an educator and mindfulness consultant, Nick worked as a health care industry public relations professional, investment banking paralegal, journalist, parish intern, audio-visual technician, and – most stimulating of all – an accounting assistant! I know, I know. Try to contain your excitement.

He drew on this array of experiences to craft the following keynote programs, which hundreds of people have enjoyed. Each is fully customizable and available in a large or small group setting as well as a one-on-one format. Don’t see one that fits your needs? Nick will create it with you.

  • Time Management with a Twist – Juggling 25 things at once? This popular presentation helps the overwhelmed frame their myriad responsibilities as a game. In turn, audiences can more easily prioritize and execute actionable goals under deadline pressure. 
  • A Fun Approach to Mindfulness in the Workplace – Nearly 35% of employee productivity can be replenished through a series of simple mindfulness practices. Informed by Nick’s graduate training in pastoral care and counseling, this engaging step-by-step presentation shows people how to revitalize their work lives.
  • Show Up! – Comedian Woody Allen said that 85% of success is just showing up. This hilarious presentation helps people integrate Woody’s advice and explore its inspiring repercussions both in and out of the workplace.
  • Becoming A Master Public Speaker – The most popular of Nick’s offerings, this presentation offers fun techniques proven to create oration sensations out of even the most fearful participants.
  • My Coat Went to Law School…Without Me – Winner of The Toastmasters International Award for Outstanding Oration, this keynote encourages pursuing dreams amidst adversity.
  • Edutainment – As a master teacher and tutor over the last 10 years, Nick offers fun, concrete best practices for effectively combining education and entertainment.  
  • Overcoming The Stigma of Self-Care – This sorely needed topic confronts the common misconception that identifies self-care with selfishness. Nick masterfully teases out the difference and, in the process, helps audiences begin to love themselves again. 
  • Stressed! – Is your job chipping away at your quality of life? This keynote will swipe participants out from under the crunch.  

All of Nick’s motivational speeches use and promote humor as a means to personal fulfillment. He achieves this through:

  • An advance, comprehensive survey of the audience
  • Crafting messages focused on audience needs
  • The infusion of delivery and content with a comic spirit that invokes multiple senses

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Show Up! - Milken Scholars Keynote Speech

Nick holds a Master of Divinity degree from Harvard University where he won The Billings Prize for inspiring behavioral change through positive humor. He is an avid speaker and writer through The Atlantic, WABC Radio, Yale University, Psychology Today, New York University, The Milken Scholars Program, Share Fair Nation, The HealthCare Chaplaincy Network, The George Jackson Academy, Toastmasters International, and as the Research Chairman for The Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor.

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